Hiking Humboldt

Hiking Humboldt Volume 2

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Hiking Humboldt Volume 2

ISBN: 1941624065

Hiking Humboldt – Volume 2 by Rees Hughes presents walk descriptions, directions, maps, and photos of familiar favorites, hidden gems, and unexpected adventures.
Hiking Humboldt introduces this region through:

  • Urban walks such as the Arcata Architectural Walk and the Eureka Mural Walk
  • Short hikes along some of Humboldt County’s most picturesque rural roads.
  • Opportunities to explore the Lassics, Horse Mountain or Cannibal Island.
  • Detailed written descriptions, maps, and photos including natural and cultural history notes.

Primeval forests harboring the world’s tallest trees. Sea cliffs, pristine beaches, and towering coastal sand dunes. Mountain prairies, meadows, and vistas. Rivers, lakes, lagoons, and bays. Bears, elk, seals, otters, and birds galore. And solitude – lots and lots of solitude. Humboldt County offers this and much more to the intrepid hiker.

On California’s remote North Coast, closer to Oregon than to the San Francisco Bay Area, Humboldt County covers 2.5% of the state by area but has only 0.4% of its population-nearly all of which is concentrated around Humboldt Bay and the lower Eel River. That leaves a lot of open space. It boasts a national park, 14 state parks, two national forests, a national wildlife refuge, a national monument, and the nation’s first national conservation area. Extending from the coast to the mountains, the natural diversity of the county is amazing.

Hiking Humboldt volume 2 is a terrific book. Rees Hughes provides clear and concise hiking instructions, punctuated by sidebars filled with intriguing information. The photos are beautiful, and the maps by Jason Barnes are the best I’ve ever seen in a trail (and road and street) guide. Even confirmed couch potatoes will want to grab a copy and find out how easy it is to take a wonder-filled walk in Humboldt County. Five stars!

—Jerry Rohde, co-author of Best Short Hikes in Redwood National and State Parks.


At Eureka Books, we get asked all the time about the best hikes and walks in Humboldt County.  Hiking Humboldt, Vol. 2 is the perfect answer for people looking for shorter, accessible, and even urban walks in our region. Backcountry Press has done an extraordinary job of providing entertaining and useful guides to the North Coast’s natural resources, and we’re so happy to see this newest volume added to the collection. Rees Hughes knows how to enjoy a good walk, and I’m so glad he’s shared his passion with us.

Amy Stewart, New York Times best selling author


Hiking Humboldt Vol. 2 is different than Vol. 1 in a couple of ways. It covers nearly twice as many hikes, and many are not in the woods. What the two books do have in common are well-organized descriptions of walks, complete with descriptions, trail data, tips, directions, informative sidebars and maps. As an aside, the maps by cartographer Jason Barnes set a refreshing new standard for aesthetics and clarity in terms of guidebook maps (which are sometimes not so helpful).

—Kevin Hoover, Mad River Union

Hiking Humboldt Volume 2