Hiking Humboldt

Humboldt County Hikes

Humboldt County Hikes in Volume 2

Humboldt County Hikes

Humboldt County Hikes

These are 101 Humboldt County Hikes offering adventures to familiar favorites, hidden gems, and unexpected adventures across the county.

Redwood National and State Parks

  1. Ossagon Trail
  2. Carruthers Cove
  3. Hope Creek – Ten Taypo Trail Loop
  4. Big Tree – Elk Prairie Loop with many options
  5. Davison Trail
    1. Streelow Creek Trail
    2. Trillium Falls Trail
  6. Fern Canyon
  7. Lady Bird Johnson Grove
  8. Tall Trees Grove
  9. Lyons Ranch Loop (and Schoolhouse Peak Lookout option)
  10. North and South Side Redwood Creek Levee Walks
  11. Freshwater Lagoon – Old State Highway

Other options in the area that deserve a short mention – Cal Barrel Road, Moorman Pond Trail, Ah Pah Interpretive Trail

Trinidad Area

  1. Kane Road and the Stagecoach Hill Azalea Nature Trail
  2. Big Lagoon to Patrick’s Point
    1. Roundhouse Creek Road to Patrick’s Point
  3. Patrick’s Point
  4. Trinidad Area
    1. Trinidad Head
    2. Old Home Beach Loop
    3. Elk Head
  5. Camel Rock/Houda Point to Moonstone Beach Low-Tide Loop Walk

Other options in the area that deserve a short mention – Strawberry Rock, Clam Beach and Little River State Beach

Urban Corridor – Arcata (Indianola Road) North

  1. McKinleyville Mid Town Trail Loop
  2. Hammond Trail
    1. Hiller Park –School Road Loop
  3. Chah-GAH-Cho Trail
  4. Azalea State Preserve
  5. Mad Rivcr/Arcata Bottoms (Several Options)
  6. Potawot Health Village
  7. Arcata Historical/Architectural Walk
  8. Arcata Community Forest
    1. Redwood Park
    2. Fickle Hill Road
  9. Arcata Ridge Trail – South Fork Janes Creek Loop Trail
  10. Arcata Ridge Trail — Beith Creek Loop Trail
  11. Humboldt State University – Campus Walk
  12. Jacoby Creek Forest Trail
  13. Arcata Marsh
    1. Shorebird Loop
    2. Central Marsh Circuit
    3. The Oxidation Pond Loop
  14. Bay Trail North (Arcata City Trail)
    1. Samoa south to Jacoby Creek
  15. Ma-le’l Dunes
  16. Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
  17. Manila Dunes Recreational Area
    1. North Side Highway 255 Trail
  18. Samoa Loop
  19. North Jetty Area – Samoa Boat Ramp County Park and Samoa Dunes Recreation Area (BLM)

Other options in the area that deserve a short mention – Lanphere Dunes (access is permit only), Golf Course Loop, Panorama Drive, Kokte Ranch, Lynn Vietor Nature Trail

Urban Corridor – Eureka (Indianola Road) South

  1. Hikshari’ Trail
  2. Eureka Waterfront Trail
  3. Fay Slough Wildlife Area
  4. Freshwater Farms Nature Reserve
  5. Sequoia Park to Buhne Loop
    1. Sequoia Park to Henderson Center Loop
  6. McKay Community Forest
  7. Eureka Architectural Walk
  8. Eureka Old Town Mural and Historical Walk
  9. Elk River Covered Bridges and Berta Road Loop
  10. Elk River Trail to Falk
  11. Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge – Shorebird Loop
  12. Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge – Hookton Slough
  13. College of the Redwoods (CR) Campus
    1. Humboldt Botanical Garden
  14. Tompkins Hill Road – North End

Fortuna/Ferndale/Rio Dell

  1. Loleta – Singley Road/Table Bluff Cemetery and Loleta Railroad Tunnel
  2. Table Bluff Loop
    1. South Spit and Jetty
  3. Cannibal Island – Crab Park – Cock Robin Island
  4. Centerville Beach South and Fleener Creek Loop
    1. Centerville Beach North to the Mouth of the Eel River
  5. Poole Road
  6. Guthrie Creek Trail
  7. Russ Park
  8. Ferndale Architectural and Historical Walk
  9. Ferndale Bottoms – Goble, Camp Weott, Port Kenyon, Fulmor, and Dillon Roads
  10. Williams Creek Road
  11. Bear River Ridge
  12. Upper Bear River Road
  13. Headwaters Forest Salmon Pass Trail
  14. Fortuna – Riverwalk North and Riverwalk South
  15. Fortuna Architectural Walk
    1. Rohner Park Trails
    2. Strongs Creek

Southern Redwoods

  1. Drury – Chaney Groves Trail
  2. High Rock Trail and the Five Allens’ Trail
  3. Founders Grove and Mahan Plaque Loop
  4. Bull Creek – Addie Johnson Trail – Homestead Trail – Albee Creek Campground Loop
  5. Squaw Creek Road – Baxter Trail – Hamilton Barn – Homestead Trail Loop
    1. Hamilton Barn Loop
  6. Look Prairie
  7. Rockefeller Loop – Women’s Federation Grove and Options
  8. Williams Grove – Hidden Springs Camground Trail
  9. Garden Club of America Grove/Kent Mather Loop Trail
  10. Southern Humboldt Community Park Trail System

Other options in the area that deserve a short mention – Benbow Dam Road to Garberville, Thrap Mill Trail and the Pioneer Trail (Benbow Lake State Recreation Area), East Branch Road, Dry Creek, Stephens Grove Loop, Richardson Grove (Tanoak Spring and Durphy Creek Loop, Toumey Trail), Fleishmann Grove Trail and Gould Grove Loop Trail, and Fox Camp Road

King Range and Shelter Cove Area

  1. Steamboat Rock to Sugar Loaf Island (Cape Mendocino)
  2. McNutt Gulch/Creek
  3. Conklin Creek Road
  4. Mattole River to Punta Gorda
  5. Shelter Cove
    1. Short Loop
    2. Bill Franklin Nature Trail and Sea Foam option
  6. Sinkyone – Needle Rock Visitor Center to Bear Harbor
    1. Sinkyone Needle Rock Visitor Center to Whale Gulch

Inland – Northeast

  1. Blue Lake Industrial Park and Mad River Levee
  2. Upper Fickle Hill Road
  3. Mountain View Road
  4. Bald Mountain and Snow Camp Road
  5. Walking in the Horse Mountain Area
    1. Indian Butte Loop
    2. Trinity Alps Vista
    3. Horse Mountain Mine
  6. Cold Springs Wander
  7. Spike Buck Mountain
  8. East Fork Willow Creek
    1. Boise Creek
  9. Lacks Creek
    1. Pine Ridge
    2. Mid-Slope Road/Pine Ridge Loop
  10. Willow Creek Walks
    1. Veterans Park and Camp Kimtu
    2. Bigfoot Golf and Country Club Area
    3. Terrace Loop
  11. Brush Mountain Fire Lookout
  12. “Prospect” Trail
  13. Bluff Creek Historical Trail
  14. Shelton Butte

Other options in the area that deserve a brief mention: Lower Bair Road

Inland – Southeast

  1. Summer Bridge Options:
    1. Shively Road
    2. Holmes Flat Road and Larabee Ranch Road
    3. Camp Grant option
    4. McCann Ferry and Low-Water Bridge
  2. Van Duzen County Park (Pamplin Grove to Swimmer’s Delight)
  3. Grizzly Creek Redwoods and Cheatham Grove
  4. Redwood House Road and Kneeland Road alternative
  5. Seward Road
  6. Southern Dyerville Loop Road
  7. Mount Lassic (aka Signal Peak) and Black Lassic