Hiking Humboldt

Region D: Eureka Hiking

Urban Corridor – Eureka (Indianola Road) South

Eureka Hiking

A classic Eureka Victorian. Photo by Rees Hughes.

Although Eureka is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and the Puget Sound, at less than 30,000 residents it only qualifies as ‘urban’ when compared with the rest of Humboldt County. Given Eureka’s rich history as a seaport and commercial center some excellent walks re-trace some of the fishing, timber, and architectural legacy of the area. Several are identified here, however the possible walking combinations using public sidewalks and streets are almost infinite. And, from the covered bridges along Elk River and the old lumber town of Falk to Fay and Freshwater Sloughs, a variety of nearby destinations await as well.

With the Waterfront Trail extensions underway, the 1,001-acre McKay Community Forest coming on-line, and the Bay Trail plans unfolding, the prospect for some additional spectacular walking opportunities are very exciting.

  1. Hikshari’ Trail
  2. Eureka Waterfront Trail
  3. Fay Slough Wildlife Area
  4. Freshwater Farms Nature Reserve
  5. Sequoia Park to Buhne Loop
    1. Sequoia Park to Henderson Center Loop
  6. McKay Community Forest
  7. Eureka Architectural Walk
  8. Eureka Old Town Mural and Historical Walk
  9. Elk River Covered Bridges and Berta Road Loop
  10. Elk River Trail to Falk
  11. Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge – Shorebird Loop
  12. Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge – Hookton Slough
  13. College of the Redwoods (CR) Campus
    1. Humboldt Botanical Garden
  14. Tompkins Hill Road – North End