Hiking Humboldt

Region B: Hiking Trinidad California

Hiking Trinidad California

Pewetole Island, photo by Ann Wallace

The predominantly public lands of Region A give way to increasingly private ownership around California’s second smallest incorporated city, Trinidad. Because of this, hiking Trinidad California are all on or near the coast. In addition to popular walks in the Patrick’s Point and Trinidad area, included in this section is a road walk along the old stagecoach road and azalea preserve above the north end of Big Lagoon, a walk around the south end of Big Lagoon, and a delightful low tide walk from Houda Point to Moonstone Beach.

These lagoons and the rocky headlands are some of the most distinctive features of the Humboldt County coastline. Although the North Coast lagoons constitute the largest lagoon system in the United States, they have been altered significantly by human intervention. Only Stone and Big Lagoons still experience the fluctuations in water level caused by the periodic breaching of the narrow sand spit that separates them from the ocean.

In addition to Humboldt Lagoons State Park, the dramatic coastline has been protected by public ownership of Patrick’s Point, Elk and Trinidad Heads, and some of the beautiful beaches south of Trinidad. Trinidad serves as one of five gateways to the California Coastal National Monument, a designation that protects the reefs, rocky outcroppings, and small islands along the entire 1,100-mile length of California’s coastline. For good reason, this area includes some of the most popular walks in Humboldt County.

  • Kane Road and the Stagecoach Hill Azalea Nature Trail
  • Big Lagoon to Patrick’s Point
    1. Roundhouse Creek Road to Patrick’s Point
  • Patrick’s Point
  • Trinidad Area
    1. Trinidad Head
    2. Old Home Beach Loop
    3. Elk Head
  • Camel Rock/Houda Point to Moonstone Beach Low-Tide Loop Walk