Hiking Humboldt

Chah-GAH-Cho Trail

Description: The Chah-GAH-Cho Trail was completed in 2016 by the McKinleyville Land Trust, and includes short trails that loop around a 9.5-acre parcel south of Kmart, with views over the Mad River Bottoms. With its hard-packed trails that meet the State Park Access Guidelines, this is a convenient location for an evening stroll any time of the year and an ideal vantage point for late fall and winter sunsets.

Chah-GAH-Cho Trail

View from the Chah-GAH-Cho Trail

Getting there: Take US 101 12.6 miles north to Exit 719 (School Road). Turn right on School Road and continue east for 0.4 mile to Betty Court (just west of Mill Creek Cinema). Turn right on Betty Court and proceed to the south end of the road (0.1). Find abundant parking in the adjacent parking lot. Approximate driving time, 15 minutes.

The route: There are three entry points to Chah-GAH-Cho: at the end of Betty Court, at the southeastern corner of the adjacent parking lot, and southwest of Healthsport. The two loops, through the prairie and the woods, are each roughly .4 mile long.